Success Academy

Success Academy Harlem West

Quick Facts

  • 5-8 Current grades
  • 2012 Opened
  • 5-8 Planned grades
  • 3 District


Success Academy Middle School, Harlem West, opened in August of 2012. The school is located on West 114th Street in the Wadleigh Building, which is nearby the ⅔ and B/C 116th Street stops.



Andrea Klein

Andrea worked as a 4th grade teacher in Newark before becoming founding 4th grade teacher at SA Harlem 1. She later joined the Success Academy literacy team, training teachers and leaders and helping develop the THINK Literacy Curriculum. She is excited to be a part of the Success Academy Middle School design that will enable scholars to attend and graduate from top-tier colleges. After graduating from Whitman College with a major in English, Andrea attended Seton Hall University’s Alternate Route Program, in partnership with Teach for America.

85 %

Magnificent in Math

85% of Success Academy Harlem West scholars passed the 2013 state math exam. Our scholars’ math success means that Success Academy Harlem West ranked in the top 3% of all schools in NY state.

65 %

Excelling in English

65% of our scholars passed the 2013 state English Language Arts (ELA) test. Our scholars’ achievements in English placed Success Academy Bronx Harlem West in the top 3% of all NY state public schools.

65 %

100 %

Stellar in Science

100% of all Harlem West scholars passed the 2013 science exam.

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