Success Academy

Success Academy Harlem 4


  • K-4 Current grades
  • 2008 Opened
  • K-4 Planned grades
  • 3 District


94 %

Magnificent in Math

At Success Academy Harlem 4, 94% of scholars passed the Math exam, which means the school ranks in the top 1% of New York State in Math.

60 %

Excelling in English

At Success Academy Harlem 1, 60% of scholars passed the English Language Arts exam, which means the school ranks in the top 6% of New York State in ELA.

60 %

100 %

Stellar in Science

At Success Academy Harlem 4, 100% of all scholars earned an advance rating on the Science exam, the highest possible.



William Loskoch

Will graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earned his master’s in Education in 2006, and began his career as an elementary teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. After developing an interest in the charter school movement, he began work as a science teacher at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia. There his growing enthusiasm for leadership led him to take on responsibilities that included serving on the school’s board of trustees and developing the science curriculum. In 2011 he received a certificate in school leadership from the University of Pennsylvania and joined the Success Academy team as a Leadership Resident.